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A Thankful Month at Mentor Nursing Home

November 4, 2019
We are very thankful for our creative and hard-working residents. All of our residents have been working hard to create leaves for our Thanksgiving tree. Bev has been working especially hard and has volunteered to decorate leaves during her spare time. We are so thankful for Bev and her help.

Bev says that she has a variety of things to be thankful for, including having the ability to see after having an operation on her eye. And she says that she is especially thankful for her loving and supportive family.

Every year we have shared our courtyard space with a Momma duck and her sweet little ducklings. This year we were blessed to have two broods waddling around our courtyards. Residents, staff, & family find great pleasure in watching the babies grow from ducklings to ducks.

Our residents' spiritual lives are very important to them. Today we are giving thanks for the many volunteers who give of their time to meet our residents' spiritual needs. We are blessed to have the assistance of so many of our local churches.

Look at this face. We are very thankful to have frequent visits from Nelson and his "hooman," Paul. Residents and staff look forward to seeing them.

Day 5 of our 30 days of Thankfulness focuses on our wonderful caregiving staff at the Ridge. These are just a few of our caring, attentive & energetic State Tested Nursing Assistants. Our STNA's are simply the best. We are very grateful that they are part of our team.

We are so thankful to have these intensely dedicated therapy team at The Ridge! Our therapy team works tirelessly to help our rehab residents return home quickly and safely and to help our long term community members maintain their mobility.

We have a saying here at The Ridge - "There's no Bingo without Ben." Lucky Day 7 of Thankfulness is dedicated to our friend, Ben. Ben is a great help to everyone here at The Ridge. He sets up bingo games, helps those who need help playing, and helps up clean up. Ben is a friend to everyone here and is always willing to lend a hand or an ear. Ben is also the granddaddy to our ducklings. He made sure they were well fed all summer. We are thankful that Ben is a part of our community.

As for Ben, he says that he is "thankful for another day."

Day 8 of our 30 Days of Thankfulness is dedicated to our team of dedicated, caring and efficient nurses. They work tirelessly to provide our residents with the highest quality of care.

As Autumn quickly becomes wintry, we are thankful that we were able to spend a great deal of time outside this past summer. Whether we were on a bus trip in the ol' Ridge Rover or simply enjoying our outside spaces, good times were had and memories made.

On day 10 of our 30 days of thankfulness, we extend a great big Thank You to the Webelos of Cub Scout Pack 306 for helping us with our Veterans Appreciation Social. We appreciate you!

We at Mentor Ridge extend our utmost thanks and heartfelt gratitude to the men and women who served and continue to serve in our country's armed forces.

Thank you for your service.

This is Kathy, the lead of our front office team. We are very thankful for Kathy and our whole front office team for their ability to multi-task with a smile!

On this 13th day of our 30 days of Thankfulness, we extended gratitude to our maintenance director, Mike.

Mike is always working to keep our beautiful building in tip-top shape, as well as keep our staff and residents laughing.

Most of our staff members are thankful to be in Browns Town.

Go Browns (or Steelers!)

Day 15 - we are always thankful for Friday fun days and for the entertainers who bring great music and good cheer. Thanks for the dancing today, Bob and Cathy!

Say hello to Barb, our housekeeping supervisor who is always on the move, and some of the members of our fastidious cleaning team. All of our housekeepers work hard to keep the Ridge fresh & clean. We are thankful to have them.

On Day 17, we are expressing thanks for the Christian Life Church's Children's Ministry. Thank you for filling our bellies w/cookies and for the wonderful singing!

Today we are thankful for residents who brighten our Monday mornings with silliness.

On Day 19 of our 30 Days of Thankfulness, we are thankful for donations of beautiful flowers that our residents turn into beautiful arrangements. Helps to keep the fingers nimble and the senses engaged.

On Day 20, we are thankful for Denise from Capitol Health Home Care for donating this awesome 3 Crock slow cooker for our Forest of Gratitude contest!!

If you haven't done so yet, stop by The Ridge and pick up a leaf or 2 to add to our tree. Your name will be entered in a raffle. You may win this fantastic slow cooker or another wonderful prize!

Thanks Denise!

On day 21, we are sooo thankful for great food, snappy service & great pie at Bakers Square!

A great big thank you to Jayne from Bella Care Hospice for donating this adorable holiday basket for our Grow a Forest of Gratitude Contest. Stop by the Ridge this weekend to purchase a leaf or two to add to our tree & get a raffle ticket for each leaf purchased.

All proceeds go to help Project Hope.

For day 23 we are expressing thanks to Gina Stropko for her generous donation of a 30-minute massage as a prize in our "Grow a Forest of Gratitude" contest!

When you're out and about this weekend, stop by and participate. You may win 30 minutes of healing relaxation.

All proceeds go to Project Hope.

Thanks Gina!

Day 24 - We are thankful to have our dietary manager, Thom, and his friendly albeit camera-shy dietary team. They work hard to please our residents' appetites every single day.

Day 25 - We are thankful for sunny late November skies and discount shopping.

Day 26: This is Shirley, our puzzle pro, rosary leader and all-around helper. We are thankful that Shirley is a part of our community.

What are you thankful for today?

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